Working with EHN to fund our work

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Working with EHN to fund our work

Postby EHNEPAL » Tue 18 Apr 2017, 16:14

I have been a part of the UK charity & Nepali NGO Education & Health Nepal since day 1 so I have seen it grow from just a £200 website & small office in Kathmandu. Starting with just 6 volunteers within the 6 months & having to learn everything from where we can post through to how to recruit volunteers. And over the years we have learnt through study, making mistakes and generally listening to people who came through the organisation. And since day 1 we have worked hard to build a transparent, open organisation that volunteers come for the first time but leave as friends.

And because of this the organisation has grown every year & in 2014 we registered changed our name to our current one as to high light the two main fields of work we want to concentrate in. This has helped us build a network of supporters as well as a great reputation around the world in this work. We have stuck to the principles that charity should mean charity (only people working in Nepal receive a salary) and because of this we have invested the profits back into many of our projects including the building of a school in Gorkha.

Now we are moving towards becoming a serious charity we are looking for ways to generate the funding we need to expand without taking away the necessary money we reinvest into our projects. Hence the creation of Minas Dream an advisory service that works with trekking organisations in Nepal who will provide us with a small commission if you trek with them. Because we have to choose between either using more of the fees that are paid from our volunteers or use what Nepal has to offer this world to fund our work? So it was an easy choice to make & we built the Minas Dream website to support recruiting trekkers for our cause. And with this funding we will build & fund a development centre to support our work.

If you would like some free advice about trekking in Nepal or actually help in booking a trek with a reputable company then please use our website to get in touch.

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