Education in Nepal and how we want to help

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Education in Nepal and how we want to help

Postby EHNEPAL » Sun 28 May 2017, 14:10

One of the reasons I wanted our organisations to work in rural education development is after having seen the conditions that a lot of these students have to study in. There is a two tier system public /government and private with the students from families that can afford to send their children to private better funded schools & children from poorer families attending a free government school. And as you can imagine over the past few years there has been an ever increasing gap between the children from both types of school. And this gap will increase because there simply isn’t enough money invested in the government schools to go around the thousands that have been set up.
So our interest since day 1 of working in this field has been to try & bridge this gap by using a combination of using western ideas, using the international volunteers for various tasks like painting, teaching & supporting the Nepali teachers in the class. And even though we are only working with three of these schools so far we have found that our methods are working slowly because in two of the schools we have been working with for a couple of years the exam results have been increasing at a steady pace & children from private schools have been taken out of them and sent to our government ones. We have only just built the third school but we are expecting the same results over the coming years. And we are achieving this by just using the limited resources that are available to us as a small organisation.
Our future lies in expanding our work both online & in Nepal through the creation of the educational development centre so we can really start working on better ways of making a greater difference. We have the basics set up already in our three schools & over the coming months we will push ahead with these but my dream is to use this centre to bring in new ideas and adapt them to work in the Nepali culture. Ideas like developing special classes for students who want to practice their English with the volunteers through to working with the Nepali teachers to develop a system where a volunteer actually works alongside the teacher and supports the students as they work through the Nepali syllabus. These and other ideas could help make such a difference to hundreds of children if we can prove that the work in our schools first then expand them to others across Nepal.
To do this through I need to raise the money to build the centre & create the funding stream through trekking so we don’t have to continually rely on charity to complete our work.

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